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Unleashing the Power of Simply Passive: A Journey of Learning, Growth, and Digital Business Success.

As a thriving lash artist with a flourishing lash business, I recognized the immense potential of expanding my digital footprint. That’s when I made the decision to enroll in the Simply Passive Digital Marketing Course. My goal was to leverage the knowledge gained not only for my lash business but also to enhance my digital marketing efforts through a distinct platform – Faceless With Victoria, an Instagram account created specifically for this purpose.

Under the Faceless brand, I established a StanStore dedicated to selling digital products. This unique space serves as a hub where I offer a variety of digital products tailored for lash artists. What sets this platform apart is its versatility; some of the ebooks available transcend the realm of lashes, making them applicable to various sectors within the beauty and business industry.

The motivation behind taking this course goes beyond personal growth and business expansion. It’s also about supporting my students who share the passion for lashing but often lack guidance in the crucial aspects of running a business and creating a brand. I firmly believe that mastering the art of lashing is just one facet; understanding how to navigate the business landscape is equally vital.

By incorporating the Simply Passive principles into my curriculum, I aim to provide my students with a comprehensive skill set. They not only perfect their lash artistry but also learn the intricacies of business management. This holistic approach empowers them to seamlessly transition into a broader world with their lash skills, offering unique services under their own brand.

In essence, the Simply Passive course has become the umbrella under which my lash business, digital marketing efforts, and educational support for students converge, creating a powerful synergy for growth and success.


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Should I wash my lash extensions everyday?

Maintaining your lash extensions is essential for their longevity and your eye health. It’s important not to over-cleanse, as excessive washing can weaken the bond.

Gently cleanse your lashes every other day using our specialised lash cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue.

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On 29th October 2023

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