Infill’s are needed every 2-3 weeks depending on how well you look after your lashes: cleaning and lifestyle plays a big part! For better long-lasting results please follow the aftercare advise given to you and use your Lashes By Victoria foam cleaner to clean and get rid of any bacteria or oils.

Before any first treatment a 24 hour patch test is required. For lash glue Lashes By Victoria will book a 30 minute patch test with you. Gel pads applied and a few lash extensions popped on to make sure there is no reaction. Reactions can happens when you have had lash extensions for years. Though they are rare it can happen! A reaction consists of puffy red itchy eyes and eyelids. The cornea can turn red and discomfort around the eye area can form. I always advise an anti-histamine to be taken if any of the above symptoms appear and lashes to be removed as soon as possible.

Lashes By Victoria is a welcoming home salon. Therefore the answer is YES, most definitely.

This is said widely and the truth is no they do not. When lashes are applied professionally and correctly they are attached properly and safe so will not ruin the natural lash. Your natural lash will only be ruined if you pick, pull or over rub eyes as the pressure will cause a loss of lashes. It is therefore advised you DO NOT have lash extensions if you rub your eyes a lot or suffer from trichotillomania.

Infills are necessary to fill out the set every 2-3 weeks as we shed out natural lashes. When we lose our longest natural lash on day 90 of its cycle the natural lash falls out with the extension applied! So you will see the root of the natural lash. This is NORMAL. A new baby lash then grows through so a new extension is then applied to this baby lash where there was a loss to make your set look full and fresh. At the infill your lashes are cleaned and outgrown lashes also removed.

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