Lashes by Victoria Ambassador Program: Earn While You Flaunt Your Favourites!

Lashes by Victoria Ambassador Program: Elevate Your Lash Game and Earnings!

Are you a lash enthusiast with a passion for sharing your beauty finds? Welcome to the Lashes by Victoria Ambassador Program, where lash lovers like you can enjoy exclusive perks, earn commissions, and showcase your favorite products to your followers. Discover how this program can revolutionize your lash game and bring a touch of glamour to your online presence.

The Ambassador Experience:

At Lashes by Victoria, we believe in creating a community of lash enthusiasts who genuinely adore our products. As a part of our Ambassador Program, you’re not just a participant; you’re a valued member of our lash-loving family. Here’s what the program entails:

1. Exclusive Discounts: Accessorize your lash collection with style. Every month, Ambassadors make a minimum purchase of £20.00 before discounts. As our ambassador, you’ll receive a unique 15% discount code that you can use for any purchase on our website.

2. Spread the Lash Love: When you become a Lashes by Victoria Ambassador, you’ll receive a 10% referral code. Showcase this code on your Instagram bio, posts, and reels featuring our products, making it easy for your followers to get their favourite lashes at an attractive price.

3. Earn Commissions: What’s more exciting than sharing your passion? Earning from it! Whenever your audience uses your referral code to make a purchase, you earn a generous 10% commission on the total sales attributed to your code. It’s like getting rewarded for doing what you love.

4. Transparent Tracking: Rest assured, we’ve got your back. We carefully track and log every sale made using your referral code. On the 1st of each month, you’ll receive detailed information about your sales, providing transparency and assurance.

5. Timely Payments: Getting your well-deserved earnings is hassle-free. We process commission payments directly to your chosen bank account on the 14th of each month. Your dedication will not only shine through your posts but also in your bank account.

6. Unveil Your Inner Lash Expert: As a Lashes by Victoria Ambassador, you’re not just promoting products – you’re becoming a lash expert. Educate your followers about different lash styles, care tips, and more, all while making them look and feel fabulous.

7. Terms and Limitations: While we encourage your passion, certain rules apply. Products purchased under the Ambassador Program are not meant for resale. Your unique 15% discount code is your personal treasure; it can’t be shared or used by others. The 10% referral code, on the other hand, can be used multiple times by different users.

8. Your Success Story: The Lashes by Victoria Ambassador Program is designed to empower you. Share your success story as you grow your following, engage with fellow Ambassadors, and inspire others to embrace the beauty of luscious lashes.

Lashes by Victoria is thrilled to invite you to join our Ambassador Program and embark on a journey that marries your passion for lashes with a rewarding earning opportunity. Indulge in the luxury of flaunting stunning lashes while building your online presence and income. Your lash journey starts here – be a part of the excitement today!