The Salon

Have your lashes done in the comfort of victoria’s gorgeous home salon. A cosy, welcoming and clean environment, where you can lay back, relax and let victoria work her magic.


Lashes by victoria offer classic, hybrid and wispy lash extensions, as well as lash lift for a more natural look. Victoria also offers brow lamination, tinting, waxing and dermaplaning.

Client Services


Classics & Barely There Lashes

One lash to one single natural lash. The most natural lashes we offer. The end look depends on how many lashes you have as if you have 60 natural lashes that will equal 60 classic lash extensions. The shape of extension is fitted to your natural lash shape and length will be dependent on the current length of your natural lash due to weight and making sure lashes last! Your natural lashes are always looked after.

Barely There are 0.07 weight lashes singularly applied to a natural lash to create as the title says a barely there look.

Full set of lashes £52.00
1 week mini infill (days 5-8) £18.00
2 week infill £23.00
3 week infill £30.00



A mixture of classic lashes and fans. Pretty and elegant for those who want a more distinctive look. This look will fill out lashes more if you are sparse on natural lashes as the fans have 3-6 extensions so we can make your lashes look thicker for you.

Full set £62.00
1 week mini infill (days 5-8) £20.00
2 week infill £30.00
3 week infill £40.00


Classic Wispy,Wet, & Angel lashes

Each of these sets follow a classic lash map of 1-1 lashing; but the fibres applied are different.  

Classic Wispy is a classic lash map via the layers.  The bottom layer is created with shorter lengths of a 0.15 weight lash and the top layer has fine 0.07 weight lashes applied or fine spikes made up of 0.05 weight lash fibres.

Wet lashes are 0.05 weight lashes pinched into a thin fan or spike.

Angel lashes are 0.03 weight lashes pinched into a thin fan or spike.

Full set £62.00
1 week mini infill (days 5-8) £20.00
2 week infill £30.00
3 week infill £40.00


Beautiful variations of lashes due to Victoria using her ARTISTRY skills to map and create lashes unique to the individual.


Fans fan fans! Yes lots of them to create that thick fluffy, wispy look. These are my favourite and I am always very cautious of each individuals lashes and eyes to make sure we get a look unique to them. My clients love these lashes, as although thick and full the clients say they feel light on and comfortable.

Full set £72.00
1 week mini infill (days 5-8) £23.00
2 week infill £33.00
3 week infill £43.00


Last Lift

A great alternative to lash extensions. Lasts 6-8 weeks and you can apply mascara after 24 hours of your lashes being set. A lovely curl is so subtle and opens the eyes are so much. Also you do not have to wear mascara if you wish not too as that blue black colour boost that is applied gives you a look of wearing mascara already.

Lash lift £35.00


Party Lashes

Party lashes – 30 minute application and includes 2 week removal starts at £28.00 for 30 minute, extra time for lash build £38.00 (15 mins)

Wisp Up Lashes FREE 1st application when purchase and book your 30 minute appointment slot.  Great 1-1 time with LBV to be shown how to apply the home DIY lashes and take your kit away with you for further use.



Brow tint £10.00
Brow wax £10.00
Brow tint and wax £20.00
Brow lamination £35.00
HD brows £30.00

lash selfie
Lash extensions not for you then grow your lashes like these with our Blossom Up Lashes growth serum