Commit to the magic of Lift Up Lashes (lash lift) Course + kit and expand your lashing skills


Online course to learn Lift Up Lashes


Course content online – theory/practical and practical demos and kit included.

This is a fully accredited Lash Lift course. Victoria has a diploma to educate under Lash Inc.
and has been accredited for online training and insurance with ABT. You will receive an ABT
accredited certificate when you qualify which will allow you to carry out Lash Lift and be
fully insured to do so (insurer will ask for a copy of your certificate as evidence that you are
qualified and accredited).

Your course includes Lift Up Lashes kit supplies to lash lift up to 10 treatments. So when you do your maths charging a baseline of between £25-£32 a lift you’ll recoup what you paid for the kit pretty quickly.

After completing your online training with Victoria you can submit 4
case studies for Victoria to look at for confidence, prior to your live video assessment which you need to send to her to qualify you.  This is to be sent via email with before and after photos to

• Theory – The course will cover a number of topics: eyelash anatomy, cleaning lashes,
sanitising your work area, setting up your workstations, tools needed, how to
represent yourself so you have a good reputation and rapport, which lashes suit
which shield and how to use and why, how to schedule your lash lift follow up
appointments and make sure clients return and many many more areas.

• Patch testing and consultations

• How to market yourself: pricing and skills and key points are covered.

• Online demonstration of the application of lash lifting. Detailed reasons for why
we work like we do to lash lift.

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Discover the Secrets of Lift Up Lashes (LASH LIFT) with our Comprehensive Online Course

Are you ready to delve into the magical world of Lift Up Lashes (LASH LIFT)? Look no further! Our comprehensive online course is here to unveil the secrets of this enchanting technique. With a perfect blend of theory and practical demonstrations, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge and skills to take your lashing expertise to new heights.

The course content has been meticulously designed to provide you with a deep understanding of Lift Up Lashes (LASH LIFT). Through our online platform, you’ll have access to detailed theory lessons, where you’ll explore the fundamentals of lash lifting, including the science behind it, safety protocols, and different product options. Understanding the theory is crucial for mastering this technique and ensuring stunning results for your clients.

But that’s not all. Our course takes it a step further by providing practical demonstrations that bring the magic of Lift Up Lashes (LASH LIFT) to life.

You’ll have the privilege of observing experienced lash artists in action as they perform step-by-step procedures, showcasing the correct application techniques, and sharing their invaluable tips and tricks. Witnessing these demonstrations will in still confidence in your abilities and provide you with a solid foundation to start practicing this mesmerizing lash lifting technique.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lash artist looking to expand your skill set, our online course is tailored to meet your needs. You’ll have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, accessing the course content whenever and wherever you want. With lifetime access to the course materials, you can revisit the lessons as often as you need, allowing you to refine your techniques and perfect your lash lifting artistry.

So, are you ready to embark on this magical journey of Lift Up Lashes (LASH LIFT)?

Enroll in our online course today and unlock the secrets that will open doors to new lashing possibilities. Prepare to mesmerize your clients with lifted, voluminous lashes that will leave them spellbound.

Products included:
1 x 20ml Blue/Black Tint
100ml/3.52US fl.oz. 3% 10 vol hydrogen peroxide
1 x Glass dappen dish
1 x Disposable mascara wands (25)
1 x Micro Brushes (25)
5 pairs x Gel PadLocks under eye patches
1 x Small lash shields 1 x SS shield
1 x Medium lash shields
1 x Large lash shields 3 x extra shields for bottom lashes 1 x silcone shields
1 x Glue Balm 1 x lifting balm brush
1 x 5 No 1 Lash lifting cream sachets (Take Flight)
1 x 5 No 2 Fixing cream sachets (Set in Stone)
1 x 5 No 3 Nourishing serum sachets (Glide and Reign)
1 x Eyelash Y separating tool
1 x Tape Lock
1 x Lash Cleanser with brush


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