“Unlock Mastery with Our Online Masterclass Lashes Course: Wispy, Hybrid, and Russian Lash Techniques”


Unleash Your Lash Artistry with Our Online Hybrid, Russian, and Wispy Lashes Course

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey in the world of lash extensions with our comprehensive online course. We offer practical training and assessments conducted online via live sessions with Victoria through You Tube. The theory component is conveniently accessible through our student portal, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

What sets us apart:

  • ABT Membership and Insurance: Upon completing the course, you will be offered ABT membership and insurance, as if you had obtained your qualification through a face-to-face conventional course.
  • 10% Off Insurance: As a student, you can enjoy a 10% discount on insurance packages by quoting our code when joining ABT online, ensuring you have instant coverage.

Accreditation: Our course is fully accredited as a Masterclass Lash course. Victoria is a diploma-holder, certified to educate under Lash Inc., and accredited for online training and insurance with ABT.

Upon qualification, you will receive an ABT accredited certificate, enabling you to perform hybrid, wispy, and Russian lash extensions with full insurance coverage. Insurers typically require a copy of your certificate as evidence of your qualification and accreditation.

Course highlights:

  • Theory: Covers various topics, including eyelash anatomy, workspace hygiene, tool requirements, self-presentation, lash selection (curls, lengths, and weights), appointment scheduling, and effective marketing strategies.
  • Patch Testing and Consultations.
  • Marketing Yourself: Pricing, skills, and key points are covered.
  • Victoria’s Lash Application Demonstration: In-depth insights into our lash application techniques, including sponge work.
  • Practical: Hands-on practice using a mannequin head, application, infill, lash cleaning, safe removal, and live model sessions.
  • Portfolio Building.
  • Ongoing Support and Advice.
  • Test.

A practical assessment will be scheduled with an online live model for you to perform a set of your chosen lashes in front of Victoria. This assessment can be live or recorded at your convenience and sent via Dropbox.

Your course package includes lifetime access to videos, a digital manual, and a certificate.

Please note that you have one year to complete all case studies, assessments, and receive your certificate.

If you anticipate difficulty in meeting this deadline, please contact Victoria for possible extensions on a case-by-case basis.

Elevate your lash skills with our all-encompassing online course. Master the art of creating hybrid, russian, and wispy lashes with the convenience of learning from your own space.

Enrol today to begin your journey toward becoming a skilled lash artist!


Elevate Your Lash Expertise with Our Accredited Online Masterclass: Hybrid, Wispy, and Russian Lashes Course

Unleash your inner lash artist and reach new heights in your skills with our all-encompassing online course. Dive into the art of crafting breath-taking hybrid, wispy, and russian lashes, while mastering the intricacies of artistry, symmetry, lash mapping, working with diverse lash weights, lengths, and curls, and the finesse of layering and shaping.

Why Choose Us:

UK Accreditation with ABT: Our course is proudly accredited in the UK, guaranteeing the highest standards of training. (Please ensure your international insurance provider recognizes our accreditation.)


Classic Lashes Qualification: Prospective students must hold a classic lashes qualification to enrol in this course.

Course Highlights:

Online Learning: Conveniently access course materials online, encompassing theory, practical demonstrations, and hands-on practice.

NO Kit: Your journey to lash perfection is supported however this course option does not come inclusive of a kit.  If however, you are already in the lash world it will just be a case of stocking up the different lash trays to start creating your lash artistry!

Prepare to shine among your peers and offer your clientele the latest lash innovations. Enrol today and elevate your mastery of hybrid, wispy, and russian lashes!



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