Unlock Success with Our Lash Angel Necessities Eyelash Extension Forms Template Bundle – Download Your Essential Resources Now!


“Enhance your lash business with our comprehensive Lash Extension Forms Bundle!”

This instant download includes essential documents such as Consultation, Consent, and Client Record Forms to streamline your client interactions. Provide top-notch service with our Eyelash Aftercare Sheet and promote your business effortlessly on social media with our ‘Let’s Socialise’ sign. Simplify payments using our ‘Let’s Settle The Bill’ QR code. Boost client loyalty with our Loyalty Card template. Instantly personalize these resources using Canva after a quick download. Note: Digital product, no physical item shipped. Perfect for personal use, but no resale or editing for resale purposes allowed. Download now and elevate your lash business!

What’s included in the Lash Extension forms digital template bundle?

Consultation Form: Gather detailed information about your clients’ preferences and expectations for their eyelash extensions.

Consent Form: Ensure that your clients understand and give their consent for the eyelash extension process.

Client Record Form: Keep a comprehensive record of each client’s information, including contact details, medical history, and previous eyelash extension services.

Eyelash Aftercare Sheet: Provide clients with a handy reference sheet that includes information about their specific lash style and detailed aftercare instructions.

Let’s Socialise: Promote your eyelash extension services on social media platforms with an eye-catching sign.

Let’s Settle The Bill: Make it convenient for clients to pay for your services by scanning a QR code.

Loyalty Card template

This instant download allows you to keep a detailed record of each client, covering contact details, medical history, and past eyelash extension services.

Upon payment confirmation, your files will be available for download via the website account and can be uploaded to Canva for edits. Please note, this is a digital product, and no physical item will be shipped. All sales are final, and returns or cancellations are not accepted. Personalize with ease for your business needs, but remember, it’s for personal use only – no resale or editing for resale purposes allowed.


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