Get Festive with our Custom Christmas Coupon/Voucher Templates – Create Memorable Gifts!


Elevate your holiday gifting as a lash artist or beauty technician with our Christmas Scratch Card Vouchers. A delightful, money-saving treat for your clients. Explore the perfect Christmas gift solution

Get ahead this holiday season! Download our Christmas gift vouchers today and send them for printing, ensuring you’re fully prepared to express your gratitude and appreciation to your clients for their year-long support. Stay organized and make your clients feel truly special.

“Introducing our exquisite Christmas Voucher, designed especially for you to delight your valued clients and customers”

This voucher offers a generous £5 discount on their next purchase or beauty treatment within the lash, brow, or beauty industry.

Enhance the festive spirit with an optional foiling feature, transforming the £5 discount into an exciting scratch card for a memorable Christmas reveal. This token of appreciation is a thoughtful gesture that will resonate with your clientele. (Purchase on Amazon)


As the holiday season transitions into January, a time when finances can be tight, this voucher serves as a beacon of affordability and a promise of continued pampering. Your clients will surely appreciate the opportunity to treat themselves while saving money, making the New Year a little brighter and more delightful.

Don’t miss the chance to bring joy to your clients’ post-holiday season. Offer them the gift of a beautiful experience with our Christmas Voucher, and watch them return with enthusiasm in the new year.”

Print in A6 double sided on card.

Please email your logo if you wish it to be added and forwarding email address.

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