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Look no further if you’re struggling with creating content daily.

I have written a plan for you to follow and implement to boost your Instagram engagement to convert to sales!

Follow through daily and get creative as if you’re feeling a lull right now this is for you!


Instagram content sucks….

Daily trying to think of what to produce and write and also trying to show up

I have created a month plan for you to follow.  Use the guide to come up with reels,  carousels or lays for your niche.  As you know mine is lashing but you can tweak it for yours.

Research what works well and repurpose in the future the content that your audience like to see.

It is not always about going viral, remember viral reach helps you gain followers, but the present ones need to be nurtured and entertained.

Therefore mixing your content will help with the different funnels.

Implement the correct hashtags and keywords and write amazing captions to tell a story that coincide with the planner.

Stuck on socials then download the package I have created to support you.  Click here.  Called The Rich Lash Girl. 



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