Elevate Your Lash Game with Our Exquisite Cashmere Lash Range in 0.15 4 TRAYS FOR 3


“Luxurious Cashmere Lashes for Classic Sets – Explore Our Variety of Lengths and Curls!”


Discover the epitome of elegance with our Cashmere lashes, perfect for classic sets (flat). Available in a range of lengths and curls, these lash extensions are a must-have addition to your lash trays. Elevate your lash artistry with the finest lash fibres for timeless beauty.

This is where our Cashmere lash range comes into play, offering lash artists and enthusiasts an opportunity to take their lash game to new heights.

In the world of beauty and lash extensions, it’s all about achieving that perfect balance between natural elegance and captivating allure. With softness, a flat matte finish, and versatility at its core, Cashmere lashes are here to redefine classic trends, providing a natural look that’s soft, weightless, and enduring.

The Essence of Cashmere Lashes: Softness and Flawless Flat Matte

Cashmere lashes, aptly named for their resemblance to the luxuriously soft fabric, are the epitome of lash artistry. Their flat matte finish exudes sophistication and simplicity, making them a timeless choice for those seeking a classic lash look. The matte texture beautifully mimics the appearance of natural lashes, ensuring that your lash extensions remain seamlessly integrated with your client’s own lashes.

Perfect for Classic Lash Trends: Achieve Natural Perfection

The Cashmere lash range’s unique attributes make it an ideal choice for classic lash sets. These lashes offer a natural look that is essential for classic trends, enhancing the wearer’s beauty without overwhelming or appearing overly dramatic. They strike the perfect balance, ensuring that the lashes remain soft, natural-looking, and gracefully captivating.

Light as a Feather: Super Lightweight and Comfortable

Cashmere lashes are renowned for their incredible lightness. When you choose these lashes, you can be confident that your clients will enjoy a comfortable lash experience without the heavy or uncomfortable feeling sometimes associated with lash extensions. The lightweight nature of Cashmere lashes ensures that they won’t weigh down or strain natural lashes.

Easy to Work With: Simplified Lash Mapping and Application

Lash artists will appreciate the ease of working with Cashmere lashes. Their flat, matte texture simplifies the lash mapping process, allowing you to create stunning lash designs with precision and ease. The soft, flexible fibers make these lashes a joy to work with, enabling lash artists to craft intricate and flawless sets.

Durability and Longevity: Lashes That Endure

One of the hallmarks of Cashmere lashes is their durability. These lashes are designed to stand the test of time, offering long-lasting beauty that keeps your clients coming back for more. With proper care and maintenance, Cashmere lashes maintain their softness, shape, and matte finish, ensuring enduring allure.

Cruelty-Free Beauty: Ethical Lash Extensions

At our core, we are committed to ethical beauty. Our Cashmere lash range is cruelty-free, reflecting our dedication to providing lash artists and clients with lashes that are as kind to animals as they are to your lashes. You can enjoy the beauty of Cashmere lashes with a clear conscience.

Devotion to Excellence: Lashes by Victoria

With every lash extension, we pour our heart and soul into delivering unparalleled quality. Our Cashmere lash range embodies our commitment to excellence, ensuring that you have the tools needed to create stunning lash transformations for your clients. We understand the artistry and passion that goes into lash work, and we share that devotion to our brand with you.

In conclusion, Cashmere lashes represent the perfect fusion of beauty, softness, and versatility. These lashes redefine classic trends, offering a natural, soft, and lightweight experience that’s easy to work with and enduring in its beauty. When you choose Cashmere lashes, you choose the embodiment of lash artistry excellence. Elevate your lash game with Cashmere lashes and fall in love with their soft, matte allure. With love, Victoria X

Weight 0.1 kg

7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, Multi


Black, Brown, Black brown, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink


B, J, C, CC, D, DD, L, LL, M


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