Elevate Your Lash Game with Our Fast Fanning Exquisite Cashmere Lash Range in 0.05 multi trays for cc and d curl- 4 TRAYS FOR 3


“Experience Unmatched Luxury with Cashmere Lashes for  Sets – An Array of Lengths and Curls Await! Get 4 Lash Trays for the Price of 3!

Uncover the essence of sophistication with our Cashmere lashes, designed exclusively for volume sets and those new trending fast fanning lashes. With a versatile selection of lengths and curls, these lash extensions are an indispensable addition to your lash trays.

“Elevate your lash artistry with the finest lash fibres for timeless beauty.”


The Allure of Cashmere Volume Lashes: Perfect for Wispy Russian and Trending Wet and Angel Sets

In the ever-evolving world of eyelash extensions, lash artists are continually seeking new materials and techniques to create stunning and unique lash sets that capture their clients’ desires and the latest fashion trends. Cashmere volume lashes have emerged as a game-changer in the realm of eyelash extensions. These lashes have gained immense popularity for their ability to adapt seamlessly to a variety of lash designs, including the sought-after Wispy Russian look.

The Magic of Cashmere Lashes

Cashmere lashes are made from a high-quality, lightweight synthetic material that mimics the softness and texture of natural lashes. Their unique characteristics make them exceptionally versatile and perfect for lash artists aiming to create different lash styles. Let’s explore why Cashmere lashes are amazing for both Wispy Russian and Wet and Angel lash sets.

Fast fanning lashes are a popular trend in the world of eyelash extensions, offering a quick and efficient way to achieve voluminous, dramatic looks. These lashes are designed to fan out easily and quickly, allowing lash artists to create multiple lash extension fans in a short amount of time. Here’s a detailed overview of fast fanning lashes and the various styles you can create with them:

What Are Fast Fanning Lashes?

Fast fanning lashes, also known as easy fan or blooming lashes, are pre-cut and pre-bonded at the base to allow lash artists to grab a section of lashes and create a fan with minimal effort. These lashes are particularly useful for volume and mega volume techniques, where multiple lash extensions are applied to a single natural lash.

Benefits of Fast Fanning Lashes

  1. Time Efficiency: They significantly reduce the time required to create fans, making the application process faster.
  2. Consistency: They help in creating consistent, symmetrical fans, ensuring a uniform look.
  3. Ease of Use: Ideal for both novice and experienced lash artists due to their user-friendly nature.
  4. Customization: Allow for customization in terms of thickness, length, and volume to suit client preferences.

Styles You Can Create with Fast Fanning Lashes

  1. Classic Volume
    • Look: Natural yet fuller than classic lashes.
    • Description: Using 2D-4D fans (2-4 lashes per fan), this style adds subtle volume and is perfect for clients seeking a natural but enhanced look.
    • Technique: Create small, lightweight fans and apply them to each natural lash.
  2. Russian Volume
    • Look: Dense, dramatic, and glamorous.
    • Description: Typically using 5D-8D fans (5-8 lashes per fan), this style offers a dense and dark lash line, ideal for a more pronounced look.
    • Technique: Use larger fans to create a fluffy, voluminous appearance.
  3. Mega Volume
    • Look: Extremely full and bold.
    • Description: Using 9D-15D fans (9-15 lashes per fan), this style provides the maximum volume and is perfect for clients who desire an ultra-glamorous look.
    • Technique: Apply very large fans for a highly dramatic effect, ensuring the natural lashes can support the weight.
  4. Hybrid
    • Look: A mix of classic and volume.
    • Description: Combining classic single lashes with volume fans, this style offers texture and a fuller look without being too overwhelming.
    • Technique: Alternate between classic lashes and volume fans to achieve a balanced, textured look.
  5. Cat Eye
    • Look: Elongated, winged effect.
    • Description: Lashes gradually increase in length towards the outer corners, creating a feline-inspired look.
    • Technique: Use longer fans at the outer edges and shorter ones towards the inner corners for a winged appearance.
  6. Doll Eye
    • Look: Open, wide-eyed appearance.
    • Description: Longer lashes are concentrated in the center of the lash line, giving a doll-like effect.
    • Technique: Apply the longest fans in the middle of the eyelid, tapering to shorter lengths at the inner and outer corners.
  7. Wispy
    • Look: Textured, spiky appearance.
    • Description: Alternating lengths of lashes create a wispy, feathery effect.
    • Technique: Mix different lengths and thicknesses to achieve a spiky, uneven texture.
  8. Kim K Style
    • Look: Inspired by Kim Kardashian, this style features a wispy, dramatic look with noticeable spikes.
    • Description: Combines fans with single lashes to create a spiky, voluminous effect.
    • Technique: Use volume fans for the base and place longer, thicker spikes intermittently along the lash line.


Fast fanning lashes revolutionize the lash extension process by making it quicker and easier to achieve a variety of styles. Whether clients desire a subtle enhancement or a bold, dramatic look, these lashes provide the versatility needed to meet diverse preferences. From classic volume to the striking Kim K style, the possibilities with fast fanning lashes are endless, allowing lash artists to unleash their creativity and cater to each client’s unique vision.

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B, J, C, CC, D, DD, L, M


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