Optimize Your Lash Application with Lashes by Victoria’s Lash Primer 15ml bottle


Lash Primer with Alcohol for pH Balance: Why and When to Use It”

Lash primer infused with alcohol serves a crucial purpose in the world of lash extensions. It helps to achieve and maintain the optimal pH balance for lash adhesive application. Here’s why it’s a valuable asset and when it’s essential to include in your lash routine.

Why Use Lash Primer with Alcohol:

  1. pH Balance: Alcohol-based lash primers help adjust the pH level of natural lashes. This pH balance is vital for ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond between natural lashes and extensions.
  2. Oil and Residue Removal: The alcohol in the primer effectively cleanses natural lashes by removing oils, makeup residue, and debris. This clean canvas ensures a strong adhesive bond.
  3. Enhanced Adhesive Performance: A well-prepped lash surface promotes superior adhesive performance, resulting in better retention and lash extension longevity.

When Not to Use Lash Primer with Alcohol:

  1. Sensitive Clients: For clients with sensitive skin or those who have had adverse reactions to alcohol-based products in the past, consider using a non-alcoholic primer to avoid potential irritation.
  2. Dry Lashes: If a client has exceptionally dry natural lashes, using an alcohol-based primer sparingly or opting for a hydrating primer might be a more suitable choice.

In summary, lash primer with alcohol is a valuable tool for lash artists seeking optimal pH balance, thorough cleansing, and enhanced adhesive performance. However, it’s essential to assess your client’s individual needs and sensitivities to determine when an alcohol-free alternative may be more appropriate.

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When it comes to achieving flawless lash extensions, the right preparation is key. Lashes by Victoria’s specially formulated lash primer is your secret weapon for ensuring a strong bond and stunning results.

Precise Application for Lasting Beauty: Begin your lash journey by applying our lash primer directly to the root of the natural lash. For precise and controlled application, we recommend using Lashes by Victoria’s micro-bud. With this innovative tool, you can apply just the right amount of primer, ensuring optimal performance without waste.

Safety First – Keep Your Eyes Shut: During the application process, it’s crucial to keep your eyes closed. While lash primer is a valuable step in the lash extension process, it’s essential to avoid any direct contact with your eyes. Safety is paramount, and closing your eyes ensures a risk-free application.

A Strong Foundation for Exceptional Results: Our lash primer serves as an excellent base when used in conjunction with Lashes by Victoria’s “I’ll hold you hunni” 0.5-second adhesive. This dynamic duo creates the ideal foundation for seamless lash extensions that last.

Clear the Air with Ease: To enhance your application experience, we recommend using an electrical fan to dissipate any adhesive fumes. This not only ensures your comfort but also provides a clear working environment, allowing you to focus on achieving the perfect lash look.

In summary, Lashes by Victoria’s lash primer is a vital component of your lash extension toolkit. Its precise application, safety measures, and compatibility with our adhesive make it a must-have for lash artists and enthusiasts alike. Elevate your lash game with our high-quality products and achieve exceptional results with every application. Trust Lashes by Victoria for all your lash needs, and let your clients flaunt their stunning lash transformations.

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