Angel “grasp & grip it” tweezer (micro grip tweezer)


“Experience Ultimate Precision with Micro Grip Lash Tweezers”

Unlock a new level of lash artistry with our Micro Grip Lash Tweezers. Crafted for impeccable control and precision, these tweezers are a game-changer in the lash industry. The micro-grip technology ensures that even the finest lash fibres are securely held, making lash application a breeze.

Why Choose Micro Grip Lash Tweezers:

  1. Unmatched Precision: The ridged finish on the inner edge of the tweezers guarantees a secure grip on lash fibers, leaving no room for mishaps during pick-up.
  2. Perfect for Mega Volume Fans: Ideal for lash artists specializing in mega volume fans, these tweezers offer sharp tips for intricate work and a lightweight handle for a comfortable grip.
  3. Key Features: Enjoy a firm handle, perfect tension, micro-gripping technology, high precision, large ‘sweet spot’ coverage, full closure of the boot, and a comfortable grip hold.

Please Note: No Returns and Final Sale

We take hygiene seriously, and for that reason, all sales of our Micro Grip Lash Tweezers are final. While the color may fade over time in sterilant, rest assured that the exceptional precision and performance of these tweezers remain unchanged. Elevate your lash game with confidence, knowing you have the ultimate tool for creating flawless lash sets.

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Elevate Your Lash Artistry with Micro Grip Tweezers: The Ultimate Lash Pick-Up Tool

In the realm of lash artistry, precision and control are paramount. Every lash artist knows that the right tools can make all the difference in creating stunning lash transformations. Enter the world of micro grip tweezers, a game-changer in the lash industry. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the remarkable features of micro grip tweezers, with a special focus on the Fine L Boot tweezer, to understand why it’s a must-have tool for lash professionals.

The Micro-Grip Advantage: Bid Farewell to Lash Mishaps

Imagine a tweezer that perfectly grips even the finest lash fibres, leaving no room for mishaps during lash pick-up. Micro grip tweezers deliver precisely that advantage. The inner edge of these tweezers boasts a ridged finish that revolutionizes lash application. No more frustrating moments of lashes slipping off during pick-up – the micro-grip technology secures fine fibers with remarkable precision.

Perfect for Mega Volume Fans: Unleash Your Creativity

Micro grip tweezers, like the Fine L Boot tweezer, are especially favoured by lash artists specializing in mega volume fans. The sharp tips of these tweezers ensure unparalleled precision, allowing artists to craft intricate, full-volume lash sets with ease. The lightweight handle is designed for a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring that your hands remain steady throughout the lash application process.

Features That Define Micro Grip Tweezers:

  1. Firm Handle: Stability is essential in lash artistry. Micro grip tweezers come with a firm handle that provides a solid foundation for meticulous lash work.
  2. Perfect Tension: Achieving the ideal tension in a tweezer is an art form in itself. Micro grip tweezers strike the perfect balance between tension and flexibility, ensuring a seamless lash application.
  3. High Precision: These tweezers offer exceptional precision, making them ideal for picking up fine lash fibres and creating fans of varying volumes.
  4. Large ‘Sweet Spot’ Coverage: The entire blade of micro grip tweezers acts as a ‘sweet spot,’ allowing you to pick up multiple lashes or extensions simultaneously, saving you valuable time.
  5. Full Closure of the Boot: Whether you’re picking up delicate baby lashes or isolating stubborn ones, micro grip tweezers provide a full closure for a secure hold.
  6. Comfortable Grip Hold: Lash artists will appreciate the comfortable grip hold, reducing hand strain and promoting a relaxed working posture.

Scale Tail for Quick Measurements: Precision at Your Fingertips

The Fine L Boot tweezer takes precision to the next level with its Scale Tail feature. This ingenious addition allows for quick measurements of lashes and/or extensions, ensuring that your lash sets are symmetrical and impeccably designed.

Micro grip tweezers, such as the Fine L Boot tweezer, are the epitome of precision and control in the lash artistry world. Their micro-grip technology, lightweight handle, and exceptional features make them indispensable tools for lash professionals seeking to create flawless lash transformations. Elevate your lash game with micro grip tweezers and experience the ease and precision they bring to your lash application process.


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